Grown-up Gainesville!!  We host events for grownups who see no good reason to act their age.  From Adult Prom, where you don’t have to hide your alcohol, and can bring the date you wish you had in high school, to Adult Halloween, with party games, costume contests, and more!!  We keep adding events because we keep hearing from everyone that they want more!  So take a look at our events, let us know if you have suggestions, and then come out and have a great time grown-up style!

Our events are hosted on the historic downtown square in Gainesville, Georgia.  There are hotels nearby, plenty of local restaurants, bars, stores, and tons of local support for these events.  Come have a drink, enjoy some music, and party like a grown-up, because you can!

Our next awesome event is the Gainesville Adult Prom!!

Gainesville Adult Prom!!!








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