Come party on the square with our DJ, party games, apple-bobbing, costume contests, and more!!  No kids stealing your candy, no one rolling your yard with toilet-paper, just a scary fun night out on the square!!


2016 was a HUGE success!!  We’ll update here as soon as the date for 2017 is confirmed. This is not a fundraiser for any charity or “good cause.” This is just a formal party, because we’re grownups, and because we can. We’re leaving the kids at home, and doing it up prom style; tuxes, ballgowns, limos, etc… impress us! We hope you can come. Once dates for 2017 are up, please let us know if you’re interested, so we can plan accordingly. We host this event on the historic downtown square, outside Downtown Drafts, my favorite growler shop. We’ll have  specials coming up once the date is announced; typically dinner specials, deals on flowers and tux rentals, hair salon specials. Everything!

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